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Installing Solar Panels


  • What's the advantage of solar energy?
    You have probably heard the myth that solar energy is expensive and you think that since everything good is expensive, it is normal. Nothing could be farther from the truth: one of the main advantages of solar energy is its price. Solar energy has become cheaper in recent years, being one of the energy solutions that most help save on electricity bills. It is estimated that by switching to solar self-consumption you can save up to 50% on your electricity bill. You can also obtain compensation for the energy that you do not produce, directing it to the electricity grid, according to the regulation of self-consumption. The panels are silent This way of producing solar energy is silent. The panels do not produce any noise. The comfort of your home will not be affected by the installation. You can enjoy clean and low-cost energy without compromising your well-being. Abundance Another advantage is that solar energy is inexhaustible and although it is one of the most widely available energies in the world. Take care of the environment Finally, and perhaps the most important advantage of solar energy, along with economics, is the care for the environment. We are living in a time of climatic uncertainty and much of the blame is ours. Climate change is on all the agendas of the major world economies. It can't not be in yours. What causes climate change and what is in our hands? Many of our daily activities pollute even if we don't realize it: from what we eat to how we move. There are things that are difficult to change but switching to clean energy is within our reach and we can all contribute our grain of sand to make the planet better for everyone.
  • Are solar panels more expensive now?
    One reality is that the price of photovoltaic solar panels becomes cheaper every year, but at the same time other costs rise, such as installers' salaries, fees, etc., so, in general, waiting is not cheaper. If you also wait a couple of years, you will also miss 2 years with free electricity. The savings that an installation generates today is much greater than the savings that you can expect next year on the purchase of its components. In addition, there is a great tax credit incentive on solar panels, but nobody guarantees that these aids will be offered in future years, and they can represent significant savings today.
  • Can I install solar panels if I have to change my roof?
    If you need to change or repair the roof of your house, it is better to do it before installing solar photovoltaic panels on your roof. Even if you already have photovoltaic panels installed on the roof, it is not a problem to change the roof. We offer the service to lower the panels while the roofing work is completed, and then put them back when finished. Easy and fast! You may want to check EPA Construction contractors, a roofing company that we partner with!
  • How are complaints managed at Xtelar Solar?
    Read below our policy and complaint procedure; know that we'll do all it takes to resolve any complaint you may have: Complaint Policy A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction by our customers where they want us to do something about it. When a customer has a complaint, we will consider it and try to find an agreed course of action to resolve the complaint speedily and effectively to the customer’s satisfaction. Complaint procedure 1. The customer can contact us initially by phone, email or mail. They should do so as soon as possible after first noticing the problem. Call: 281-305-9990 Email: Visit our website: Talk to us in person at: 19634 Azalea Brook Way, Houston, TX, 77084 2. We will take the details of the complaint, log them in our Complaints Log and make a thorough note. 3. We will inform the customer that we will do our best to resolve the complaint but that they have a right to pursue the complaint if we cannot reach a satisfactory resolution (see point 10). 4. For complaints by phone, if we can’t resolve the matter immediately, we will ask the customer to put the complaint in writing, in an email or letter, so that there is a clear record for everybody. We will offer help with this if the customer wants it. 5. If necessary, we may have to ask the customer to provide us with paperwork or other material. We will note anything received from the customer in the Complaints Log. 6. If we need to inspect the system or visit the customer to investigate the complaint, we will do so within 7 days of receiving the complaint, subject to Weather, Travel, Holidays or COVID and other restrictions. But if the customer is without heating or hot water as a result of the situation that led to the complaint, we will get out to them within as soon as possible, as a priority. 7. If a visit is necessary, we will let the customer know the outcome as soon as possible after the visit. We will also record this in the log of the complaint. 7a. If the fault is found to be caused by the customer or another person, or by changing or tampering with the equipment or controls, or a fuse/power/internet is turned off, there will be a parts/labor/travel fee for that callout. We will make this clear before attending 8. We will keep a note of contacts (or attempted contacts) with or from the customer while we are trying to resolve the complaint, including telephone conversations. 9. We will respond to the customer with our findings and a summary of actions/communications within 10 working days of receiving the complaint. Whenever we can, we will aim to sort the complaint out more quickly than this and informally, for example with a phone call to give advice that solves the problem. We will still log complaints resolved in this way. 10. Following an appropriate investigation, we will inform you of the action or decision taken regarding the complaint. Remedies to resolve the issue may include (but not limited to): Refunds Replacement Repairs/Rework Compensation 10. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can refer the complaint to with the State Consumer protection office, as follows: Website: Texas Office of the Attorney General Phone Number: 512-463-2185 Toll Free: 1-800-621-0508 11. We will regularly review the Complaints Log, to identify any actions we may need to take to prevent complaints occurring in the future.
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