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1. Solar power is the most abundant energy source on Earth

  • 174,000 terawatts of energy consistently strike the earth as solar radiation at any moment, even on the cloudiest days.

  • One hour of sunlight is equivalent to one year’s worth of energy for the planet.

  • Solar energy produces no pollution when generating electricity.

  • 20 days of sunshine can create the same amount of energy as all the Earth’s coal, oil, and natural gas combined.

2. Solar electricity has been around since 1839

In 1839, Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect—that is, the ability to create an

electric current from the sun’s rays. Then, Russell Ohl invented the first solar panel cell in 1941 and the first

commercial panel was put out by Bell Laboratories in 1954.

3. The United States is the second country with the most solar capacity after China

Check it out:

4. Solar panels can produce power without direct sunlight

Even if the sun’s not directly beaming on the panels – or it happens to be a cloudy day – it doesn’t mean the hues reflected from the sky aren’t being captured and utilized by the solar panel cells to produce power. Still, the direction you place your panels matters, and shade from trees and buildings should be accounted for before installation.

clean energy XTELAR SOLAR

5. Solar increases your home value

home value XTELAR SOLAR

Homes with solar energy systems have been proven to sell quicker and for more money. A 2019 study by Zillow showed that, on average, homes with solar panels sell for 4.1% more than homes without solar panels. Plus, most states have property tax exemptions for solar panel systems!

6. You can charge electric vehicles with solar panels

You can charge your electric vehicle with a home EV charger or even

with a regular home outlet (a standard three-prong outlet)

You’re not only saving on both, gas and electricity,

you’re eliminating nearly your entire carbon footprint.

car chargin at home XTELAR SOLAR

7. Solar panels are the fastest energy source to setup

Compared the other forms of energy harvesting, solar power production is relatively simple and straightforward. Grid-tied systems tie right into existing electrical systems and installation can take as little as one day depending on the size of the project. 

The fact is, solar energy is here to stay and the longer you wait to install your own solar panels, the more savings you’re passing up. Get started today with a free solar consultation.

8. Regulated & deregulated areas of Texas

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