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How to activate your solar energy system

Once you receive Permission to Operate or PTO from your utility company, you’re ready to activate your solar energy system. Once activated, your panels can begin to produce power and save you money on your electricity bill.


What to Expect

  • Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

  • Tools required: none

  • Activation is best completed during daylight hours.

  • You will need access the Electrical Panel, AC Disconnect, and Solar Inverter.
    We’ll help you locate each!


Please note: The system can be activated AFTER the property has received “Permission to Operate” or PTO from the electricity company.

STEP 1: Reset the solar breaker

  • Start by locating the main electrical panel or breaker box - typically a grey panel placed in a low-traffic area such as  garage, utility closet, or outside. 

  • Once located, open the cover and look for a breaker switch marked “PV Solar Breaker” (PV meaning photovoltaic). It should be clearly labeled with a red sticker.

Note: If you do not see a PV Solar Breaker, skip to step 2.

  • Turn the breaker to the OFF position, hold for a moment, then flip to ON.


This completes step 1 and allows alternating current, or AC electricity, to pass from your Electrical Panel to your AC Disconnect and Solar Inverter.

STEP 2: Power the AC Disconnect

  • In most cases, the AC Disconnect will be located on the outside of the home, adjacent to the electricity meter. Look for a small metal box with a large switch or handle on the side.

  • Like your PV Solar Breaker, your AC Disconnect should be well labeled with a red sticker that reads “AC Disconnect” or “Photovoltaic System AC Disconnect.”

  • To complete this step, lift all switches or handles to the ON position.


This allows alternating current or AC electricity to flow between your inverter and the grid.

STEP 3: Activate the solar inverter or IQ


The solar inverter or IQ Combiner may be located next to the electrical panel,  meter, or the AC disconnect. Look for either a white box labeled “SolarEdge,” or a grey box labeled "ENPHASE."

  • If you see a white box labeled SolarEdge, click here for instructions to activate your solar inverter and complete step 3.

  • If you see a grey box labeled Enphase, click here for instructions to activate your IQ Combiner and complete step 3.

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