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Activate the SolarEdge inverter

Once you've completed steps 1 and 2 to reset the solar breaker and power the AC disconnect, you're ready for the final step. DO NOT BEGIN THIS STEP unless you have completed steps 1 and 2.

STEP 3: Activate your solar inverter

  • The SolarEdge solar inverter may be located next to the electrical panel, the meter, or the AC disconnect. Look for a small white box labeled “SolarEdge.”

Note: If you instead see a grey box labeled "Enphase," click here for step 3 instructions.


  • If you see more than one inverter, you likely have a subpanel. Before moving forward, locate the subpanel (typically installed near the inverter) and flip all breakers to the ON position.



  • When you’re ready, find the black circular switch on the SolarEdge inverter, or inverters, and rotate clockwise to the ON position.


  • Then, locate the small red toggle on the bottom of each solar inverter and move it to the far left or “P” position, before releasing the toggle. 

  • When released, it should move to the “1” in the center of the toggle. This is the ON position. 


The inverter may take a while to turn on, depending on the time of day. Once the inverter is done turning on, the LED lights will show solid Green OR Green and Blue. If there are no lights, please verify activation steps, and contact us for assistance.









After You Activate the Solar Energy System

The green and blue lights indicate that the system is active but it takes a few days to confirm. If activation was successful, we’ll know in 1-3 days when performance data begins to appear.

If you have any questions or difficulty throughout the process, you can revisit the steps or contact us at or (281) 305-9990.

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